Becktracchi – Moving Through Hard Times

Tomalo con soda

It’s here. It’s finally here. We have been waiting for this for months now and we are not disappointed: six minutes of Trip-Hop bliss. Becktracchi is an Argentinian DJ from Santa Rosa and we have been collaborating with him for the past few months here at The ESMC.

Becktracchi draws influence from DJ Shadow, Bonobo and St. Germain to name a few. After becoming interested in music at the age of 9 when his father gave him a piano lesson, he decided that was what he wanted to do with his life. His love of turntables, vinyl and improvised music led him naturally to where he is now. Like so many DJs today he chooses to keep his whereabouts unknown and usually performs in mirrored sunglasses, ski mask and signature black hoodie. We here at The ESMC are honoured to have such a talented creative force as part of our new music collective.

Moving Through Hard Times

Moving Through Hard Times album artwork


Moving Through Hard Times‘ is a gentle downtempo love letter to trip-hop with a familiar guitar line reminiscent of the late Wes Montgomery.  It breathes as an organic work of art, utilizing acoustic instruments held together by electronic glue. Each sample is placed perfectly weaving in and out of this downtempo lo-fi composition. The single sounds chill, vibrant and rich with all kinds of aural colorings. A fresh take on a classic sound, the drums do not overpower the mix and everything can be heard clearly. Ear candy wiggles everywhere through this song so make sure to bust out the headphones and don’t just use your smartphone speaker.

When we asked for an artist description of the song and the process we received an email with three simple words. ‘Tomalo con soda.’ It translates to calm down or take it easy, and that’s what the song is about. As you navigate your way through life, in those hard times and try to get to the places you want to be going; when you reach that turbulent storm and you feel like you hit that concrete wall; take it easy, as you are moving through hard times and will get to wherever you wish to be going. 

This is life and that is what the song is about.

When going through a struggle or hard time in life just move on. The life of the song shows that struggle around the 3 minute mark. Becktracchi’s use of fades, repeaters and reverbs really helps to create that struggle we all feel. By the end of it all, the main hook comes back and struggles fade in and out until it simply ends. Nothing dramatic, nothing forced, just the end of the trail.


You can listen to the song here on Spotify. It is available everywhere Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, etc. Just do a quick search. 

We look forward to hearing more from Becktracchi in the coming months and we’ve been told that there is a new beat in the works. Stay posted to The ESMC for updates on this artist and our others.

-The Eclectic Social Music Club


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