Riff Of The Week Dead Seconds – Black and Teal 07/27/2018

Dead Seconds

is a band from Brooklyn, NY that will be a joy to the ears of anyone who reminisces and remembers the glory days of mathrock and musicianship. A trio built around drums (Jarrod Lebeck) bass (Stephen Mason) and guitar (Matt White), no synths no bullshit just intellegent well thought out music.  As a fan of Soundgarden and Black Sabbath it sounds to me like this band really made the effort to be more than a generic copy. The Grain is an album that flows smoothly from one song to the next creating a live experience that draws you in. You can get a feeling for how tight the band is and how well they would perform live.

Black and Teal from The Grain

Dead Seconds

They have listened to the greats, learned from the best and crafted their own sound.

Black and Teal, is a finger twister of a riff that nestles gently into your ear and that is why it is The Riff of the Week. White has gone beyond the generic drop D power chord sludge and created an original picking pattern with beautifully voiced chords. The riff starts with an open D string (6) being plucked around a Dsus2 chord with an unique picking pattern which uses a hammer on against the 4th string sliding up to a lovely open Amadd9. It is then  followed by a descending half step walk down the 6th string to complete the cycle.

Please leave your thoughts below as to what time signature you think the intro riff is in and make sure to check this song out on Spotify.


-The Eclectic Social Music Club


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