The Casey Jr. Ride – Dreams Of A Fool

Riff Of The Week 08/02/2018


This is where we take a look at a riff that we feel needs some attention. The Casey Jr. Ride, hailing from Mannheim, Germany definitely deserve some of that. With echoes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Dandy Warhols and The 22-20’s, you get the sense that this band is really onto something.

The natural organic sounds of the instruments translate nicely with the style and sound that the band puts across. Everything is loud and chaotic, yet harmonized and organized all at once. It’s melodically satisfying but not drenched in a horrible over-saturized pop goop. It’s the type of songs, the type of band that you want to see perform live and get excited about when they come to your town.

ERROR #404

The Casey Jr. Ride album cover ERROR #404.


Dreams Of A Fool

Today we have chosen track 7 from the album ERROR#404 entitled ‘Dreams Of A Fool.’ The first D chord is played in open postion then the ring finger is quickly removed, giving that wonderful pull off sound. We wait in anticipation and are rewarded with a droning open 4th string while the guitar climbs to fret 5 and 7. By anchoring your first finger onto fret 5 (string 3) and using your ring to hit fret 7, you get that lovely mixolydian sound moving between the octave and the b7. The major 2nd is then hit after each cycle to add the highest peak and completing the standing-on-top-of-a-world sound.


We we really enjoyed listening to ERROR #404 and hope that you will buy it and take the time to listen here on Bandcamp.

The Eclectic Social Music Club



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