Future Coda – Signs To Prepare

Future Coda

Hailing from Leeds, UK, Alternative Duo Future Coda are not your average drums-and-guitar combo. Generally when you think of a duo, what instantly springs to mind is The White Stripes, The Black Keys or Royal Blood. When listening to ‘Signs to Prepare,’ the debut EP from Future Coda, that’s simply not the case. A better description of the band would be if you were to take the ambient soundscapes of Tycho, the vocal stylings of Elliot Smith, and combine them with Mogwai; then you’d end up with the eclectic sounds of Future Coda.

Signs To Prepare

Future Coda -Signs To Prepare
Original album artwork by Future Coda.


‘Signs to Prepare’ was recorded at the fantastic ‘Loom Studios’ in Yorkshire and produced by Grant Henderson and Future Coda.  It was professionally mastered by Tony Dixon at ‘Masterpiece‘ London.

When listening to ‘Signs To Prepare,’ the band was able to successfully genre-bend and slide through different styles and sounds while not making you feel like you were being pulled in a million different directions.  They manage to keep it all woven together comfortably around the sounds in which they describe. Future Coda really has a modern rock element to their sound with ‘Rush Home,’ the fourth track on the EP. It really has some great drumning and guitar work along with a well-produced sound. ‘Vanalinn’ is where they mix up electronic and acoustic drums which has a throwback feel to very early Phantogram. ‘Vanalinn’ is their standout track that collectively merges all their ideas together into a digital acoustic tapestry.

What stood out the most was the effort to not be lazy and just use synths to make sounds. Guitar effects galore on ‘Altered State’ really puts the pedal board to work to get some orchestral-like sounds. Enough from us, please go and check it out for yourself here on Spotify.

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