Erin Stereo -Summer Somewhere

Erin Stereo

Erin Stereo is a DJ, curator, turntablist, vinyl junkie and original music creator from Denver, Colorado. Erin was recently named ‘Most Eclectic DJ’ by The Denver Westword for spinning House, Electro, Funk, Disco and even Indie Pop.  Erin’s a student of dance who became a digger and mixtape maker in order to have original music to perform with. This eventually led to uncovering her passion for a wide range of musical styles. Erin has the old school chops but a modern fresh feel with her carefully curated ‘Playing House’ mixtapes and bad ass stage presence. What’s impressing us here at The ESMC most is her original music and her new album that’s getting ready to drop.

Summer Somewhere

Erin Stereo Summer Somewhere
Erin’s Debut single from her new album


The single that we want you chilling out to this week is Summer Somewhere. It was released in June 2018 and has the potential to get Erin charting on college radio and moving her on the inevitable path to being a household name. This is Erin’s first original composition that will be featured on her new album set for release early 2019.  There are luscious synth textures, breathy vocals and a beat that drops 2/3, reminiscent of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing, but oh so current like Moving Through Hard Times. So get the headphones on whether you need to chill out, start studying or can’t sleep–this track will remind you that everything will be ok because it’s Summer Somewhere. You can check out the joint here on SoundCloud.

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