Rocket Coma – Rock//Icon

Rocket Coma

Rocket Coma is a two-barrelled shotgun, rock n roll extravaganza from Fayetteville, Arkansas that takes aim at the phonies, fakes and over-polished turds in modern rock music. The band is a sextet consisting of Quinn Landrum, Cody  Troglin, Bob Gaiser, William Krzeszinski, Sean Johnson and Nick Clark. Their bare-bones minimalism, raw and rough production is what makes this Fayetteville band so much more interesting than the usual “please like us” wannabes.


Rocket Coma - Rock//Icon
Album artwork from Rocket Coma’s new album Rock//Icon

Bush and Dick, the lead single from Rock//Icon, echos Primal Scream and The New York Dolls. It’s aggressive, belligerent and humorously entertaining. It’s what today’s rock n roll has lost and what we all so desperately need. This band makes as much fun of themselves as they do of anyone else and don’t really care if you like them or not. They take music seriously but not themselves. If you’re a fan of The Sonics, Modern Lovers or The Velvet Underground, you should really be listening to Rocket Coma. Check out today’s must-listen track Bush and Dick.


They have a new album coming out.  Stay tuned for all the details.


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