Dustyn Knapp – Dying To Live

Dustyn Knapp

Few words come to mind when trying to explain the sounds that you’ll here from Dustyn Knapp and his new album Dying To Live. Its like nothing you’ve ever heard before: a unique sound distinct only to Dustyn that he can truly call his own. Knapp is a producer, writer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, singer, rapper, creator and guitarist. He enjoys mixing all styles from EDM, House, Psychadelic rock and Alternative. Prepare yourself for something completely unrelated to the music that you would normally listen to and get ready for a strange expression. He is inspired by political movements, changing times  and music from the 60’s and 90’s.


Dying To Live

Dustyn Knapp, Dieing To Live, Rap, Indie, Alternative
Dying To Live an album by Dustyn Knapp

You can listen to Dustyn’s album over on SoundCloud to get the full Knapp experience. It combines rap, EDM, indie, funk, jazz, and euphoric utopian visions. The album is completely self-produced and recorded by Dustyn, and you can get the full effect of Dying To Live on his page.

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