Top 5 Things to Get a Review

1. Send an E-mail

To be considered for a review of your new single or album, please send an e-mail to or use our contact. Sometimes people reach out to us through twitter or instagram (never facebook let’s be honest LOL ours sucks go follow us thanks LOL) but we’ve found that the interviews get missed so please just use our contact or e-mail to ensure we get back to you. Email not DM’s on Social Media.

2. Have a Bio

We have so many different people blogging for us that they may not know who you are. Our bloggers look through our e-mail for projects that truly interest them so that they can write about what they love. An indie rocker generally doesn’t write about a jazz crooner and vice versa. So make sure you have your Bio included in your e-mail so they can read about you and find out if it’s something they’re interested in. Bio should include Members, where you’re from, an interesting story, where you like to drink 🍷 🍸 🍹  🙂

3. Make Sure You Have Two Pictures

If you’ve had a chance to look through our site you’ll notice there are always pictures of the artist and the album artwork. We love album artwork probably because everyone here just loves vinyl records so much. (Vinyl blog coming soon??) Anyway, please attach two images in your post: one of your band or you DJing, Rapping, Creating, Playing (not sleeping, well maybe) and the other of your album artwork. One of you, one of your album/ep/single.

4. Spotify

We don’t like YouTube. In fact it’s just a creative nightmare like facebook that’s only going to get worse. We like Spotify because we like music and we also want to start curating mixtapes and getting your music heard to our followers as the website grows. SoundCloud is fine or even a website where we can stream music. Spotify, SoundCloud and no YouTube (we have one but we really don’t want to make videos).

5. Be Patient

Ok this is kinda important: if you’ve read our homepage you’ll realize we’re not business people. So we screw up. If you haven’t heard back from us in a week, contact us again because something went wrong. If it’s been a couple days someone was off playing a gig or in the studio and missed it. If we can’t help we’re sorry and if we can recommend someone else we will.


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