Quiet Wolf – Spotify single

Quiet Wolf

is the type of band that you would want to hear late at night on a dance floor or expect to hear in a video game like Grand Theft Auto. We’ve been working with the guys for little over a month now and we’ve got to say they really try to encompass everything. They have everything from Jimmy McGriff and The Meters to Jungle and Groove Armada. From the new album slated for release March 2019 there will be everything from instrumentals to Al Green all under the neo-soul/funk umbrella. Today we visit with much anticipation the new single.


Your Time Will Come (You Gotta Keep Trying)

Titus Monk Queit Wolf New York The Eclectic Social Music Club
Titus Monk’s new Project Quiet Wolf New York


What’s interesting in the first few bars of the song is that you think it’s just going to be an electronic music dance track. Tight drums, cool noises and a lingering guitar, but when Titus Monk’s voice hits with his unique signature sound, you hear something quite different. The doubling of his low baritone voice with Casey Mastersons high falsetto and the gang singing in the back really gives it a different vibe, a live vibe. When the hook arrives it’s harmony heaven, but it’s also not over-polished with auto tune, filters and compression. The vocals sound natural, which combined with the acoustic and electronic instruments really lends a nice balance. The song is positive and uplifting and so are the lyrics, very much what we all need right now in today’s world. Keep trying, we can make it better.

Check out Quiet Wolf‘s new single here on Spotify.


The Eclectic Social Music Club

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