Rollers Of Bedlam – British Summer Rain

Rollers Of Bedlam

The British quartet from London, England is comprised of Joey Diemond on vocals, Bryn Bryn on guitars, Dimi Duke on bass and Jet White on drums.  The London based rock band is relatively new to the music scene only starting in the summer of 2017.  However this fresh start only feeds them and provides a raw fresh energy that reminds you of The Clash, The Libertines and The View when they first began playing.  They are charismatic, dare to be different and a true to form rock n roll band that couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks of them.

British Summer Rain

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Rollers Of Bedlam Lyric video album artwork on YouTube


The single that you should be checking out this week is from their debut EP “Bedlamic Estate.”  British Summer Rain snarls with Diemond’s indie rock style and is drenched in a nonchalant attitude reminiscent of Pete Doherty and Liam Gallagher.  Bryn’s guitars and Duke’s bass hold the foundation that packs a rugged energy to the track just like The Jam. White’s drums provide a cocaine fuel required to keep the band on top form and moving onwards and upwards.  Rollers Of Bedlam capture what it feels like to be young today and lost tomorrow, with only the simple things in life to keep us marching on.  Do yourself a favour and listen to British Summer Rain now.


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