Melting Mallows – Nowhere

Melting Mallows

A power pop duo coming out of nowhere to us from Belgium in a very, very good way! It’s unfortunate that today people view pop music as Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran and forgot the vintage pop sensibilities of the of the 60’s with bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Kinks and The Move. It also has the neo psychedelic vibe of bands like The Casey Jr. Ride, The Dandy NewcombesThe Zutons and Spoon. If you love all that stuff, then you’ll love Belgian pop sensations Melting Mallows. They are inspired by 60’s pop, garage rock and add a modern day twist to their sound. It is reminiscent to that of Of Montreal’s first album Cherry Peel which had the same gusto and energy.

The band consists of Bishesh Man Mali who is the lead singer, guitarist and bass player along with Brian Jon Pittoors backup vocals, drums and guitar. These guys have played together for a while and it shows in their songwriting and harmonies. We see a lot of potential in this duo to become an underground sensation then take over the world.

They write and record their own music, but what’s incredibly interesting is that they built their own studio in a 200 year old farm house.  4 years ago they put the time and effort into designing, planning and constructing a space to record, and within a year it was complete.  After 3 years of honing their craft and learning recording tricks and techniques, the band were ready to work on their new album. Mali and Pittoors are set to start recording their debut album September 1st 2018.



Melting Mallows, Belgium, 60’s pop, Nowhere
Melting Mallows Nowhere single cover

Nowhere is the first single from the band available on Spotify here.  It starts off with a wonderful jangly surf rock guitar line and drums to match.  What’s different from the traditional surf rock aesthetic is that it’s not drenched in reverb, giving it a fresh modern appeal.  When the vocals kick in you instantly think of The Zutons album Who Killed the Zutons? Liverpool’s best-kept-secret indie band.  The lyrics of the tune are deep and come from a place of observing the two sides of a person and oneself.  The familiar phrase don’t judge a book by its cover applies here so take a close listen. The guitar solo is reminiscent of Dick Dale and Chuck Burry with double stops and off the cuff improvisation. It remains melodic like the tune and doesn’t go all over the place. It stays rooted in the minor pentatonic and employs some tasty guitar licks. If you’d like to learn the intro riff please check out last week’s Riff Of The Week.

“Time will take me nowhere” is the hook of the song and the familiar feeling felt by everyone who has been stuck in life’s loop.  Over time we truly believe that this band will be going somewhere and have its place amoung the stars. The Melting Mallows are poptastic, melodic and uplifting–everything you’d ever want from a 60’s garage rock (or farm rock) band.


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