Speaking Suns: RANGE

Feel the need to escape the noise, the smog, the crowded streets of the city? Feel the need to get out of range? Us too. We highly recommend you let the Ohio-based indie quintet Speaking Sun take you there with their experimental, psychedelic soul-pop album RANGE, released September 30, 2017.

“Out of Range” from RANGE

The most-listened-to track from the record here at The ESMC, which is available both on vinyl and as a digital download, is track 6, entitled “Out of Range.” It’s a brilliant blend, a convincing concoction of clean guitar, reverse effects, slide, pop drums, adventurous bass lines, multiple voices doubled at the octave, and eventually trumpets with the swell of the climax.  Serenity in the soundscape instills into your soul an eagerness to get out to the woods and live life in peace with nature.

Some Technical Notes

Structurally, the piece plays well with texture (i.e., dropping to a minimum for the chorus to bring the message of the text to the foreground), leading to a great climax with brass and a psychedelic outro reminiscent of some of The Beatles’ experimental work. The melodic structure of each verse consists of satisfying mini-climaxes and mini-denouements: for each phrase of lyrics, starting from the fifth, the melody slowly climbs and climaxes with the third above.  Each mini-climax corresponds to the important half of each phrase.  For example, while the melody is climbing, the lyrics offer a simple statement: “just dust when we began.”  From this, coinciding with the apex of the melody, the speaker springs the questions “what comes after?” and “what does it matter?” The texture throughout is complex yet successfully unified, and the message is simple: “love is what we need for our time is brief.”

The group consists of five artists: Jay Teilhet on guitar, slide, violin, banjo, saw, and sythns, Dylan Sage on bass and vocals, David Byrne on drums and vocals, Jonathan Jacky on trumpet, and Jacob Diebold on guitar and vocals. Check out their album RANGE here and don’t forget to support them if you like what you hear.

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