Southern Gothics – Spotify single

Southern Gothics

is the type of band that you want to hear on a beer soaked floor, dim lighting, cheep drinks, in a packed dive bar with a fire code capacity for 100 people but there’s 150! Yes, it echos Jack White, The Black Keys and The Deadweather and yes it’s not original, but as the band would tell you themselves “we don’t care, its rock ‘n’ roll the wheel hasn’t needed reinventing.” Fair enough. But what does make the Southern Gothics different is that their music is comprised of Organ, Guitar and Drums. There’s no bass player holding it all together just the different take on a power trio.


Who Knows?

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New Single Southern Gothics Who Knows? on Spotify August 24th 2018


Who Knows? is the first single from the band and their EP is due to drop in April 2019. It starts of with a Rival Sons similar drum fill and then kicks into a monotonic Led Zeppelin guitar riff doubled on the Organ. The fingerpicking on the verse portions is reminiscent of Howlin Wolf and Big Bill Broonzy. Much like The Dandy Newcombes they wear their influences shamelessly on thier sleeve and give a proud nod to those who came before them. The instrumental break has a Queens of The Stone Age vibe that sounds like something of Lullabies to Paralyze.


You can listen to Southern Gothics – Who Knows? here on Spotify and if you’re looking for a more classic rock vibe check out Arkansas band Rocket Coma.


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