Rooftop Rebellion – One By One

Rooftop Rebellion Brooklyn, NY

From humble beginnings, an acoustic duo has now fashioned themselves into a hard rock juggernaut. This rock quartet is a collection of talented musicians from different projects in the Brooklyn, NY scene. Rooftop Rebellion really know how to get to the point and don’t waste time messing around. They are so confident in their ability as a band they released a live EP and rightly so. This band is tight and doesn’t rely on smoke and mirrors or studio magic to pull their sound together. Every band thinks that they can do a live project but few of them actually can. Vocals suffer, guitar tones muddy, drums are out of time but with Rooftop Rebellion this simply isn’t the case.  I think every band should have to release a live project first so they can really showcase their worth. Well done boys and hats off to these young rebels for going against the grain of pro tools and auto-tune.


One By One

The Rooftop Rebellion Album Review Eclectic Social Music Club
The Rooftop Rebellion One By One Live EP, Brooklyn, NY quartet


Upon listening to the Roar EP you’ll hear the post-hardcore sound merged with early 2000s rock music. A snaky bass line kicks off the tune and gets One By One churning in the cauldron. When the band drops in, it’s tight, builds steam immediately and never lets the gas off the burner. Brutal guitar and bass lines, pounding drums and best of all no auto-tuned vocals. This is a solid post-hardcore band that delivers a solid sound, but what separates them and puts them on the next level is the different approach to guitar playing. If you think that guitar solos are dead then wait till you get to 2:36. The lead guitar has a fire-in-the-hole approach that is reminiscent of the guitar slinging styles of Jimmy Page, Zakk Wylde and Dimebag Darrell. For too long the “we don’t play guitar solos cause nobody else does” approach is done. It’s 2018, times have changed and to be honest, the real reason most bands don’t play guitar solos is because they haven’t put the work in. There is no excuse not to be good anymore; so many free lessons and excellent resources online just aren’t being used. Did Jimmy Page suck? Did Jimi Hendrix suck? Whoops, this is about Rooftop Rebellion, not lazy musicianship–sorry readers, let’s get back to point. If you can afford a pint and a Netflix subscription every month then you can afford to see these guys play. Do yourself a favour and go support the Brooklyn, NY scene–you’ll be glad you lived a little.

Check them out here.


The Eclectic Social Music Club

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