Camel Moon – Unspoken Dreams

Sweet & Divine

You may remember Yannick Siegler as one of the creative forces behind The Casey Jr. Ride. He has a new project called Camel Moon. This time Siegler shares a songwriting partnership with Alex Staszewski to bring us their first single Unspoken Dreams, from their upcoming EP titled Sweet & Divine. Siegler brings the same passion, energy and conviction to Camel Moon as he does to The Casey Jr. Ride. The talented multi-instrumentalist has put forth a captivating neo-psychedelic single full of mystic charm and magic. Siegler plays all of the instruments on Unspoken Dreams which include drums, guitars, and organ. Sharing singing duties with Staszewski makes for some fantastic harmonies when they both sing together towards the end of the song. The combination between the male and female vocal reminds us of the first time we heard Anenome by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Siegler partnered up with Staszewski to write and record for Sweet & Divine in Krakau, Poland at the end of 2017. This would be around the time ERROR #404 was released by his other band.


Unspoken Dreams

has a hypnotic 6/8 beat which lays the foundation for the the song while the acoustic guitar gently strums along in the background. Listening to this song you can’t help but feel you’ve escaped like Bonnie and Clyde quietly tucked away in a cottage in the woods. Two armchairs side by side sitting in front of the fire, escaping the dull and mundane, free to use your imaginations and be together in silence. The drone of the organ feels like something out of any of the classic Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western films and suits the track well. With so many different elements going on, Stig Breu (from The Casey Jr. Ride) does a fantastic job of keep everything in its right place.

You can listen to Unspoken Dreams here on Camel Moon’s Bandcamp page. We look forward to hearing the rest of the Sweet & Divine when it is released. Make sure you check out Dreams Of A Fool by Siegler’s other project The Casey Jr. Ride, if you haven’t yet already.

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