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Nimbus Cloud

is a solo recording project by the multi-talented Terry Gibbs. Writing, recording and producing all of his own music. Gibbs comes to us all the way from Ohio and records his music with an old meets new production style. Capturing the sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but taking advantage of modern production techniques. His music reminds us in particular of Tame Impala, Of Montreal and Spoon. Gibbs’ music has a wide range and is a diverse mix of 60’s 70’s pop/rock, and electronic music. Only using the finest grains of all those genres to pour a neat distillation of Nimbus Cloud.



Nimbus Cloud, Single Review, The Eclectic Social Music Club
Nimbus Cloud ‘Always’ Single Cover


Always starts of with a wonderful Paul McCarteny-esque piano line and has a wonderful modern twist on production. It almost sounds as though a tape reel was broken giving it a lovely warm warbled sound. Nimbus Cloud uses piano, drums, keys, synths, organs guitars and not once does it feel cluttered. Everything feels well planned in the mix and ornimentally placed. The meticulous care to detail when mixing down is what has given Always such strong unique features.  Often times with indie music you find yourself struggling to hear the vocal or the drum track. Gibbs has been at this a while so it makes sense that the mix sounds rugged and clean all in one.

You can here Always on Spotify at The Eclectic Social Music Club playlist.


The Eclectic Social Music Club

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