Southern Gothics – Who Knows? Riff Of The Week

Southern Gothics

This week we take a look at  O.G.D (Organ Guitar and Drums) trio the Southern Gothics and analyze their newest single intro riff on Who Knows? Right of the bat it has the the classic rock elements that make you think of Led Zeppelin, Rival Sons and Jack White. The riff begins in first position of the guitar utilizing the open string pattern number one Em pentatonic. The whole song has a vibe similar to The Dead Weather crossed with Led Zeppelin’s Moby Dick.

Theory Analysis

Starting on the E string the G note is played and a pull off is employed to hit the 6th string open E again before moving back to the G. Our guitar hero then ascends up the the minor pentatonic scale hitting the A and B notes before striking the octave. It’s upon reaching the octave that the scale is played backwards perfectly  with the answer to the riff being the same as the initial question with a pause. What’s interesting about this call and response is usually their is a different answer. This plays well with the lyrics of the tune as that riff would suggest “Who Knows?” along with the lyrics. This band isn’t simply a minor pentatonic sensation (which wouldn’t be bad) but the Phrygian sounding bridge is really what sets the single apart. It gives a new flavour to an old sound embracing the old and dipping it in the new. The band pays tribute to acoustic country blues artists such as Furry Lewis, Robert Johnson and Big Bill Broonzy on the verses. Lyrically but also with the guitar playing. You keep hearing that sixth string being hammered on similar styalisticly to what Broonzy used to do. At the end of the day if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I like the approach these guys take and could see them playing stadiums one day.


Who Knows? Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc.

You can listen to the Southern Gothics here on our Eclectic Social Music Club Spotify playlist, or anywhere else as their single as be distributed across all major music platforms.

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