Quiet Wolf – Sip Tea Instrumental Funk with a Parental Advisory

Quiet Wolf on Spotify

We have some more new music for you this week from one of the club’s own. It’s Friday so lets keep it low key and Sip Tea with the band. Its funky, fantastic, ferocious, fun, flavour will have you dancing for hours, Netflix and chillin’ much later.  This is the only debut instrumental 5 song EP from Queit Wolf that is so Bad Ass! it had to have a parental advisory sticker added to it.  Inspired by legends like James Brown and The Meters, to modern funk like Khruangbin, this album will have a track to add to any playlist whether you need to strut down the street, boogie on the dance floor or Netflix and Chill. This is the only explicit instrumental album that you will find with no vocals or samples simply because it was Straight Fire.  Now we’re going to pretend we are hip enough to understand what this all means. The track listing for the record is as follows.


Sip Tea on Spotify track listing

1. Bad Ass!

2. U do U

3. Straight Fire (AKA I Gotta Boogie)

4. Skurt n Salty

5. Netflix and Chill


Listen to Quiet Wolf 🐺 here.

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