Silver Wilson – Close Enough

Silver Wilson

are a band from the UK based in Nottingham and Leeds who’s musical influences are include pop, hip-hop and rock. They listen to The Maccabees and The 1975 but also enjoy the modern hip-hop styles of Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar. The quartet is made up of Brandon Hill (lead vocals/guitar) Gabe Holland (keys/backing vocals), Elliot Labbate (bass/backing vocals) and Tom Girling (drums/backing vocals).  They all got together previously from other bands through a love of creating music.  Today we check out their newest single ‘Close Enough’.


Close Enough

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Silver Wilson Single Close Enough


Gabe Holland starts of the intro of the song with an alluring sunny synth line that wiggles into the ear. It sets the pop tune up nicely for Brandon Hill’s vocals to enter.  Hill has the vocal charisma and feel of a true modern pop singer and describes the scenes in this tropical island track wonderfully. His band mates Tom Girling and Elliot Labbate keep the track glued together. Girling’s drumming really reminds us of a Caribbean influence that you can’t help but bop your head and want to start dancing. Labbate’s bass line tightly holds Close Enough together, he doesn’t over play and is focused on delivering a danceable groove. The production on the track is clean, crisp and clear, a very well produced studio recording. Although summer is coming to a close Silver Wilson manage to make sure you’ll still feel like your still on holiday.


Make sure you listen to Silver Wilson on our Bop Pop and Drop Spotify playlist.



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