Servi Dei Due Padroni – No Star

Servi Dei Due Padroni

are getting ready to release their self titled 5 song EP. They are a trio from Italy and live in a beautiful city called Viterbo.  They are made up of Filippo Moreschini (guitar), Elisa Marra (Lead Vocals) and Eugenio Razzano (bass). Servi Dei Due Padroni’s influences are predominantly the Arctic Monkeys and Green Day which are blended into a sound with their own unique style on this new EP. The self titled debut is and ode to young people trying to make their way in todays world. The trio have been very busy working on their new EP while juggling gigging locally at the same time. Marra, Moreschini and Razzano are getting ready for a worldwide release on  September 15th 2018.

No Star


Servi Dei Due Padroni, Single Review, Italy, Elisa Marra vocals, Filippo Moreschini Guitar, Eugenia Razzano bass, debut EP
Servi Dei Due Padroni EP – single – No Star

No Star is the first single from the bands debut EP and starts off with a clean, delayed guitar line delivered by Moreschini. Razzano’s bass line tucks in the pocket nicely along with Moreschini’s line. Although the band are influnced by alt rock acts like Arctic Monkeys they definitely don’t try to copy them. The guitar line leaves enough room in the mix for everything and doesn’t clutter the mix, it’s sophisticated and tasteful. Marra’s vocals communicate what its like to be young and vulnerable in todays world and the struggle to try and “be strong”. She empowers herself as a woman by recognizing it’s her choice to feel this way. So rather than giving up,  she chooses to be a strong vessel filled with hope rather than fill herself with the hate of the crowd. It’s good to see that even when people are moving through hard times they can still find hope and want to change things and make them better.

You can check out ‘No Star’ on Spotify September 15th 2018.

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