Quiet Wolf Netflix and Chill Riff Of The Week

Riff Of The Week 09/06/2018

Queit Wolf just released their debut EP worldwide Sip Tea. The band has told us that they were heavily influenced by James Brown, Khruangbin and The Meters. It was also unfairly slapped with a parental advisory for explicit content for being to “Bad Ass!” and not having any lyrical content. All we can say is that we’re fans of the band and hope the next release gets a fair reception. Today we talk about the combination of Neo-Soul/Jazz and drop 2 chords on Netflix and Chill.


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Quiet Wolf debut instrumental funk EP Sip Tea


Theory Analysis

Although the jams are heavily influenced by funk music there is certainly a neo-soul/jazz influence that has been brought to the table. The drop 2 voicings that are utilized in the chorus of the song (0:45) and thats what really brings it to another level for us. The melody is in G natural minor and calls the notes ‘G, A, Bb, C, and D’ on the first string and then answers them with the same quarter note melody ‘G, A, Bb, D, C’.  It’s not a bad melody, but what really makes it come to life is when the drop 2 voicings are dropped on top of the melody (pun intended). More specifically, Titus Monk utilizes a Gm7 drop2 chord and two of it’s inversions using the D,G,B and high E strings.

How To Play


The first Gm7 chord is barred straight across on string 4, 3, 2 and 1 in postition 3 with the melody note ‘G’ on top. The pinky is then added (fret 5, string 1) to make the m9 chord resulting in the second melody note ‘A’.


The second Gm7 chord moves to the 5th position on the fingerboard (think of a power chord on strings 4 and 3) then add your middle finger to fret 6 barring strings 1 and 2. This gives us our melody note ‘Bb’ and if we add the pinky to fret 8 we get the ‘C’.


Imagaine now playing two power chords stacked on top of one another this gives us yet another variation of the same Gm7 chord. Move finger one to position 8, bar straight across add your pinky to string 1 fret 10 and your ring finger to string 3 fret 10. The final ‘D’ note is hit. Use the same three shapes for the response to the call and finish in a C7 on fret 10.

The sophistication of such voicings fills out anything that would sound to thin. It’s fantastic for doubling up with the synth line really adds a classy element to the tune. Weather or not the band takes themselves seriously their is definitely more than meets the eye with these guys. From their first single Your Time Will Come ( You Gotta Keep Trying) to the Sip Tea EP we are very excited to see what they bring to the table next.

Listen to Queit Wolf Sip Tea here on Spotify or search any major online distributors for their music.

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