The Flavians On The Radio

The Flavians

are a multi-national alternative pop band currently located in Berlin. Its members are from Sweden, The United Kingdom and also the Czech Republic. The quartet is comprised of Anna Vaverková (keys/vocals), Liam Blomqvist (guitar/vocals) Thomas Wills (bass/ vocals) and Joakim Jägerhult on drums. The band originally got together through travel and staying at the same hostel.  Jägerhult and Blomqvist were bunking in the same hostel and after chatting briefly discovered they both attended the same university. The Flavians bonded over their love of musical  acts such as Todd Rundgren, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, dive bars and cheap beer. They also draw inspiration from Berlin and are inspired by its nightlife and energy. Part of that energy comes from teaming up with critically acclaimed alternative country folk  singer/songwriter Ryan O’Reilly. The Flavians gigged together throughout the year as a support act and backup band for the British singer/songwriter. When the summer of 2018 hit Anna, Thomas, Liam and Joakim released their debut single ‘On The Radio’ which was mixed by Fabio Buemi at Trixx Studios and mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound New York.


On The Radio

Is the first new single from Berlin based group The Flavians, and we’re quite confident that it certainly won’t be the last. Upon listening to the tune you hear a band with it’s own unique sound which was inspired by The Beach Boys and The Beatles. The song begins with Jägerhult playing a funky and upbeat drum line like an old Stevie Wonder record. Wills’ bass accompanied by Blomqvist’s guitar combine and make a retro pop sound with a modern indie pop feel, similar to the sounds of Austin, Texas wonders Spoon. However, comparisions end when you start describing more than four bands. The Flavians have their own thing with ‘On The Radio’ and have put all these great acts in a melting pot and made something thats uniquely their own. The raspy vocals, crisp backing vocals and haunting falsetto all make for a dynamic harmony rich texture. The story telling aspect also makes you want to listen to the end to find out what happens to this poor schizophrenic.

The Flavians are like listening to your friends band ‘On The Radio’ then realizing they’re actually that good you forget you know them. They will be gone playing festivals and doing radio slots while you’ll be telling everyone else you used to know them. They are set to play End of the Summer Festival in Berlin October 2nd 2018 so make sure you stop by and check them out.

Listen to The Flavians on our offical Spotify playlist The Eclectic Social Music Club .


The Eclectic Social Music Club


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