Psychic Barber – California Trees

Psychic Barber

Is a power trio from the city of Tustin, California who have been working on their new album for the past two years. Eli Spotts, Ian Shaw and Cole Walker make up the bluesy Hendrix inspired altrock trio based in Orange County called Psychic Barber. Spotts, Shaw and Walker have currently released the ‘Nothing Personal’ EP to tide their fans over before the album is released. The EP which has 3 songs featured contains ‘California Trees,’ ‘Playin’ To Steal’ and ‘The One Who Wins.’ If your longing for summer again and seeking the California sun, then check out the ‘Nothing Personal’ EP and head over to our offical playlist on Spotify The Eclectic Social Music Club to hear ‘California Dreams’.

California Trees

Jimi Hendrix is one of those guitarists that has influenced every great guitarist weather you’ve listened to him or not. His guitar playing is imbedded in the music community weather you think you’ve even heard it or not. It’s in the country sound of Chris Stapleton, the R&B soul of Lee Moses, the funky jams of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the blues master himself Stevie Ray Vaughn. Just like any great guitar band before them Psychic Barber has paid tribute to the greats and includes the Hendrix style guitar sounds on California Trees. From the double stop riffs to the funky little interludes and jam at the end this would be band would be a pleasure to see live. Clean guitars, solid drumming and tight bass playing to connect it all together. Hats of to Psychic Barber and we look forward to hearing their new album soon. If your digging these mellow vibes then be sure to check out the ‘Sip Tea’ EP from New York’s Queit Wolf.


The Eclectic Social Music Club

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