The Kundalini Genie – Inside, Out!

The Kunadalini Genie

Hail from the northern part of The United Kingdom and are based out of Glasgow, Scotland. The neo-psychadelic quartet formed in the earlier colder months of 2017 and played their first gig at The Coyote Whiskey Bar in March. Reverberation is The Kundalini Genie’s debut album which includes a wide variety of instruments such as sitars and organs to drums and guitars. The musicians on the record were Robbie Wilson, Julia McTiernan playing guitar and singing and Murray Pettit on drums. Wilson is a talented musician who played guitar, sitar, bass and organ along with singing duties. The album was recorded and mixed at Carlton Studios by Jamie Telford and produced by the band and Wilson.


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Album artwork by Moss Moth

Inside, Out!’ in our humble unpaid opinion is the standout single on ‘Reverberation’ that will be looked back on in 10 years as the ah-ha moment, the ‘oh yeah I knew when I heard that…’ or ‘thats what made them massive’.  They have barely been at it for 2 years and have already secured opening slots for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians and have played Scotland’s Carlton Psychedelic Festival. Inside, Out! echo’s the sounds of  veteran neo-psychadelic bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre but more importantly they are part of a global underground movement. Bands like them, The Casey Jr. Ride, The Dandy Newcombes and Camel Moon share the same ideas and vibes but with different songs and sounds. The hypnotic guitar chords on the intro of ‘Inside, Out!’ take you on a journey as you are sucked down the rabbit hole to wonderland. As you close your eyes and clear your mind you can’t help but realize that you are listening to the future of modern music and a return to a more natural organic state.

We see a lot of potential in these guys which is why we have added ‘Inside, Out!’ to our Neo-Psychadelic Experiment playlist on Spotify.

The Eclectic Social Music Club


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