Quinn Landrum from Rocket Coma becomes Quinn Rocket

Quinn Landrum

is the brainchild behind the modern rock outfit Rocket Coma. We were fortumate that he took the time to sit down with us and answer questions about his fantastic kick ass rock n roll band. Rocket Coma. In a punk rock Ramona’s style the names of each member have been changed to Rocket to be part of the gang. Let’s begin!
Hi Quinn thanks for chatting with us today, lets start of easy and let us know where Rocket Coma is based ?
For now we are based in Fayetteville, AR, but I’m splitting time between there and the LA area.  We’re vagrants looking for a new shiny home…
You guys aren’t your average rock trio or combo even your a big band with 6 members. How did you all meet and get started?
We all met at this alley where we would hang out on the steps smoking cigarettes.  Eventually somebody let us in and we started rockin’.  I actually ended up living in that music studio for about three months on two different occasions.  They were both winter times so there was literally nothing to do in Fayetteville but rocket.
Who plays what instruments in your band and when you write songs do you each bring one to the table or is there a soul songwriter?
I play mostly rhythm guitar and I write most of the lyrics but every one of us sings and everybody writes their own parts musically.  Occasionally I throw down a solo too.  Here are the others..
Bob Rocket – Drums
PZA Rocket – Bass
Mojo Rocket (Danger) – Lead guitar
Sean Rocket – Lead guitar
Nick Rocket – Keys
Rock//Icon is a solid record! The album touches on political issues like on “Bush and Dick,” but “Rock Icon” was a freestyle rant that makes fun of the whole “rockstar” image. What  would you say the main message behind the bands music?
Thank you.  It’s funny that you picked up on the freestyle thing.  Rock Icon is the only song I have ever actually written freestyle.  Bowie had just passed, and the rest of the group was doing a tribute album.  I didn’t get to chip in on the tribute album so we kinda wrote our own little tribute I suppose.  Bob and PZA had both wanted to call our first album Rock//Icon but I felt that we needed to write the song first.  I’m always writing an album ahead of what we are releasing so the timing of it all gets tricky.  Do you put money into promoting the current album or recording the next one?  The next album is ready to record and it will be called Live by the Die.  You can expect more of the political types on this one with our country becoming a shitshow and all.  One of the tracks is called GDPGSOB.  Fill in the blanks.
The main message behind the music varies, songs like Bush and Dick definitely are intended to sort of wake people up while tunes like Rock Icon is more of us just having fun and loving what we do.
You have a documentary on YouTube about the band, did you get to meet Bernie?
Aah the Jernie to Bernie!  Maybe one day.  Bernie had a lot of fish to fry in Philly and we didn’t wanna take up his time haha..  Man we were so close to not being a piece of shit country but alas there is more work to do.  We did write a song called Feel the Bern that we will revisit for Live by the Die.
We hear everything from Modern Lovers to Primal Scream in your music but who would you say is your biggest influence?
For me personally:
Grunge (AIC Nirvana STP Soundgarden)
The White Stripes
Modest Mouse
Iggy Pop
As musicians and supporters of the local scene, where is the best place to buy vinyl records?
Block Street Records – pretty much the only place unless you’re feeling thrifty.
What’s the one piece of gear that you can’t do without? (Amp, kit, stomp box, mic everyone can answer this one  or just one member is fine)
Betty White is my Hagstrom H2 reissue, she took over for my LTD.  Also my 93 Mesa Boogie dual rectifier comes in pretty handy.
Who has the best live music and drinks in town?
Pretty limited here.
George’s Majestic Lounge – Smoke and Barrel Tavern – best live music
drinks = Maxine’s

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