Ghost Dance Collective – Peppermint Tea

Ghost Dance Collective

are a melting pot of the sounds and styles similar to The Byrds, The Doors and  Scottish alternative rockers Teenage Fanclub. If Ghost Dance Collective keep making songs like this they will definitly have a very big worldwide fanclub of their own.

There is nothing that a sit down and a good cup of tea can’t fix. Peppermint Tea is a poptastic diamond written by Ghost Dance Collective which is no exception. The four piece comes from Edinburgh, Scotland and is made up of Liam Payne, Ross Lynchehaun, Alan Bragg and Murray Pettit.  Peppermint Tea shines a light on Ghost Dance Collective’s songwriting abilities and makes them more than just a great psychadelic jam band. They have crafted a nice little pop tune that sits comfortably in the middle of their self-titled album and also on our Eclectic Social Music Club official Neo-Psych playlist. There was a superstition in the 90s that bands always placed their best work on song 7 on an album. Weather or not thats true it’s certainly apparent that it applies to Ghost Dance Collective. The arrangement of the song and the echo vocals give it a classic 60s sound. That’s probably also due to the fact that the tune was recorded on a reel to reel tape in Edinburgh, Scotland. For us  the 12 string guitar glistens on the track with a wonderful warm sound and is the secret ingredient to the mellow the vibe of the tune. With so many bands going for that polished pro tools sound its nice to hear raw talent captured by energetic recordings. Doug MacDonald at the Edinburgh Recording Company did a stellar job keeping everything well balanced crisp and clean.

We look forward to hearing more from the group but for now make sure to check out our Neo-Psych playlist for the latest and greatest bands including Peppermint Tea by Ghost Dance Collective.

The Eclectic Social Music Club

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