Neo-Psychedelic Music is taking over, OK?

ESMC Top 5 Bands (scroll down)

Current Scottish Neo – Psychedelic Music

After spending most of our time listening to The Kundalini Genie last week we decided to check out their friends Ghost Dance Collective. A Neo-Psychedelic band from Edinburgh, Scotland which is a little more than a hop and a skip away from The Kundalini Genie in Glasgow.

Scotland’s music community has always been very rich in talent, with international acts like Travis, Belle and Sebastian, The Fratellis and Palo Nutini.


Early Naughties movement in Scotland  (00’s) 😎

The indie scene was no exception, in the late 00’s (naughties) with fantastic acts like The View, The Law and The Social Chameleons. It seems that the one thing Scotland, Germany, Chile and Berlin have in common is they are producing some of the worlds best Neo-Psychadelic bands.

Worlds Top 5 New Neo-Psych Bands


1. The Casey Jr. Ride – Germany

The Casey Jr. Ride album cover ERROR #404.


2. Ghost Dance Collective – Scotland 

Rory Imlach, Artwork, Ghost Dance Collective, Peppermint Tea, Edinburgh Scotland, Liam Payne, Ross Lynchehaun, Alan Bragg, Murray Pettit, Edinburugh Recording Company, Doug Macdonald.
Peppermint Tea Single from Ghost Dance Collective


3. Melting Mallows -Belgium

Melting Mallows, Belgium, 60’s pop, Nowhere
Melting Mallows Nowhere single cover



4. The Kundalini Genie – Scotland

The Kundalini Genie On Spotify, Reverberation album review, Inside, Out! Single review, Moss Moth, Artwork, Mario D’Agostino, Carlton Studios, Jamie Telford
Album artwork by Moss Moth

5. Camel Moon – Germany

Camel Moon, The Casey Jr. Ride, The Eclectic Social Music Club, Sweet & Divine review
Album cover from Camel Moon’s Sweet & Divine EP


6. (Honourable mention) The Dandy Newcombes – Chile

Courtney Taylor-Taylor Anton Newcombe, Neo Psychedelic, Neo Psych, The Kundalini Genie, Melting Mallows, The Casey Jr. Ride, The Dandy Newcombes
The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols secret love child


We’ve written articles on Camel Moon, The Kundalini Genie, The Dandy Newcombes, The Casey Jr. Ride, Melting Mallows to get you started.

If your not sure which songs to listen to first check out our curated playlists on Spotify like The Indie Neo-Pysch Experiment and give us a follow, please.


Children of The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The biggest influencer of Neo-Psych today can be pinpointed to one band, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The leader and brainchild, Anton Newcombe, took his phenomenon band and guided them to cult status resulting in single handedly teaching the next generation of musicians to focus on organic sounding music.

Guitarists, lyricists, and songwriters from all around the globe are approaching music much like the traditional styles of the 60s. It was back in the mid 90s, when The Brian Jonestown Massacre single handedly spearheaded their movement.

It was a response or maybe a call to action, the whole Britpop and Blur vs. Oasis ‘rivalry’,

they started their own scene and more importantly were independent and did what they wanted. You can check out the cult movie “Dig!” if you haven’t already to see what went on with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols. It’s an interesting look into how life in a band can be…sometimes.

Today bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels, Moon Duo, Elephant Stone and The Stevenson Ranch Davidians pay tribute to Anton Newcombe for his contributions to art and opening our eyes to a musical revolution.

It may have taken time to build steam but it would seem that 20 years later the rest of the world is now catching up. It’s not to say that this music was never there before or hasn’t existed.

Its just to say that a grain of sand has turned into a bowling ball and it will hopefully clatter all the pins that are…the music industry, down into the gutter.


Future of Neo-Psych

The sound of the underground is constantly shifting and changing much like the sands of time. Enough time has passed to build steam, so let’s hope this bowling ball makes it to the end with a full strike and isn’t de-railed and rolled into the gutter.

You should be a part of it, and support your local musicians if your tired of the radio, tired of the same old.

You’ll be glad you did when you were a part of something that became bigger than just you.

Until next time,

The Eclectic Social Music Club

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