Jemmi Hazeman

Jemmi Hazeman

exists somewhere between the electronic sounds of British funk outfit Jungle and through the smoke and mirrors of Kevin Parkers, Tame Impala. After you’ve traveled through the space time continuum a little further you’ll find that Jeff Yateman reveals the eclectic sounds of Jemmi Hazeman. Yateman is an everyday normal guy who works at an extraordinary transdimensional home studio somewhere in the middle of nowhere. We have heard it is in Michigan but this is only a rumour and yet to be confirmed. At this middle of nowhere location Yateman becomes Jemmi Hazeman, the being responsible for creating a one of a kind sound on the debut album Kozmic Maze.

The Limit

has a standout Kevin Parker sound that caught our attention and could definitly be a possible single. It is the closing credits on the album and it combines all of the Jemmi Hazeman sounds into one well balanced dish. The Limit can be described as nutritious, delicious and and cosmically cool. Fuzzy guitars, stranger noises, soft vocals, lap steel sounding slides and synths. If your looking for something different and wish to be in another dimension then check out Jemmi Hazemans new album, Kozmic Maze, it was a really fun, mind tripping experience. Make sure to check him out on bandcamp!

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The Eclectic Social Music Club

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