Bernard St. Pierre on Spotify

The Journey

has just been released, the debut album from artist Bernard St. Pierre which is now available on Spotify streaming services. The album features five minimalist avant-garde instrumentals with classical guitar style sounds. This adventurous modern approach has been captured live of the floor using an electric guitar. It was also mixed and mastered by Becktracchi.

We will have an interview with Bernard St. Pierre in the coming months as to why he chose to update the sound from the traditional nylon string, what’s next and where he’s currently playing.

Check out his original watercolor prints below available at Society6.

Each song represents a level of Pierre’s journey through life with the instrument. For more info on the album check out last weeks blog.

Here is a track listing from the album.

The Journey Track Listing

A Gentle Hike (Lvl. 1)      

A Simple Scramble (Lvl. 2)  

Scrambling (Lvl. 3)         

Simple Climbing (Lvl. 4)  

The Rock Climber (Lvl. 5)

Original Artwork sold at Society 6 ‘ The Journey’ – painted in water color by Bernard St. Pierre.

Bernard St. Pierre, Mimimalist, Minimalisim, Avant-garde, Solo Guitar, Mellow guitar
Original Prints of Bernard St. Pierre’s album artwork for The Journey

Until next time,

The Eclectic Social Music Club

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