Gregory Paul Mineeff GRIND

Gregory Paul Mineeff

Is a multi-instrumentalist from the coastal city of Wollongong, Australia.  Home to beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, its obvious that the inspiration behind the music on the album came from this wonderful city. Mineeffs newest album, GRIND is a minimalist assortment of analog synth sounds, piano pieces, and electric pianos. The aim of the album was to create a sound where the listener could escape. Using the approach of less is more, Mineeff was able to to construct a care free environment without stress and induce a feeling of warmth.  Applying limitions and a struggle Mineeff was able to create his art in an environment that produces some sensational moods.


has ambient soundscapes that drip with hyperrealism which make you believe that you were actaully living somewhere else other than where you were.

In a dream you are free to do what you want and if you can control it, well it’s that much better. Unfortunately dreams end, we wake up, brush our teeth, go to school or work. However that doesn’t have to end.

Gregory Paul Mineeff’s album puts you in a trance like state that could be described as hypnotic, calming and mesmerizing. Each composition works to aid the last, keeping you in a bubble of comfort. You can live your life on screen, in a film you chose and directed how the screenplay should be. An extremely interesting body of work and highly recommend this to anyone who needs time to decompress.

Mineeff has been able to achieve the goal that he set out to do with his experimental minimalist scores, wonderful work! 

The Eclectic Social Music Club

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