A roster of Artists/Friends of The Eclectic Social Music Club that we currently work with, fund, and record.



A DJ based in Santa Rosa, Argentina has released his first single β€˜Moving Through Hard Times.’ Use our search bar πŸ” to find out more about Becktracchi.

The Dandy Newcombes

A quartet from Chile who sound like The Velvet Underground, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols. They have released their first single β€˜Sour Jane’ to critical acclaim.

Quiet Wolf (formerly Titus Monk)

Hailing just outside of New York, Titus Monk is a Neo Soul/Funk artist who infuses the music of Al Green with modern collectives like Jungle.

The Kludge Bugs

(waiting on details)

Southern Gothics

(waiting on details)





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