Melting Mallows – Nowhere

Melting Mallows A power pop duo coming out of nowhere to us from Belgium in a very, very good way! It's unfortunate that today people view pop music as Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran and forgot the vintage pop sensibilities of the of the 60’s with bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Kinks and... Continue Reading →

Riff Of The Week Melting Mallows Nowhere

Riff Of The Week 08/16/2018 Melting Mallows are a Belgian modern-sounding-60’s-pop-band who capture the sound of surf rock, garage rock and alternative indie. The duo is comprised of Bishesh Man Mali on lead guitar and Brian Jon Pittoors on drums. Today we’ll take a look at their first single “Nowhere” and the opening riff that will... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Things to Get a Review

1. Send an E-mail To be considered for a review of your new single or album, please send an e-mail to or use our contact. Sometimes people reach out to us through twitter or instagram (never facebook let's be honest LOL ours sucks go follow us thanks LOL) but we’ve found that the interviews... Continue Reading →

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