Servi Dei Due Padroni – No Star

Servi Dei Due Padroni are getting ready to release their self titled 5 song EP. They are a trio from Italy and live in a beautiful city called Viterbo.  They are made up of Filippo Moreschini (guitar), Elisa Marra (Lead Vocals) and Eugenio Razzano (bass). Servi Dei Due Padroni’s influences are predominantly the Arctic Monkeys and... Continue Reading →

Silver Wilson – Close Enough

Silver Wilson are a band from the UK based in Nottingham and Leeds who’s musical influences are include pop, hip-hop and rock. They listen to The Maccabees and The 1975 but also enjoy the modern hip-hop styles of Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar. The quartet is made up of Brandon Hill (lead vocals/guitar) Gabe Holland (keys/backing... Continue Reading →

Nimbus Cloud on Spotify Always :)

Nimbus Cloud is a solo recording project by the multi-talented Terry Gibbs. Writing, recording and producing all of his own music. Gibbs comes to us all the way from Ohio and records his music with an old meets new production style. Capturing the sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but taking advantage of modern... Continue Reading →

Camel Moon – Unspoken Dreams

Sweet & Divine You may remember Yannick Siegler as one of the creative forces behind The Casey Jr. Ride. He has a new project called Camel Moon. This time Siegler shares a songwriting partnership with Alex Staszewski to bring us their first single Unspoken Dreams, from their upcoming EP titled Sweet & Divine. Siegler brings the same passion, energy... Continue Reading →

Rooftop Rebellion – One By One

Rooftop Rebellion Brooklyn, NY From humble beginnings, an acoustic duo has now fashioned themselves into a hard rock juggernaut. This rock quartet is a collection of talented musicians from different projects in the Brooklyn, NY scene. Rooftop Rebellion really know how to get to the point and don’t waste time messing around. They are so confident in... Continue Reading →

Melting Mallows – Nowhere

Melting Mallows A power pop duo coming out of nowhere to us from Belgium in a very, very good way! It's unfortunate that today people view pop music as Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran and forgot the vintage pop sensibilities of the of the 60’s with bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Kinks and... Continue Reading →

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