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Come in. Close the door and welcome to The Eclectic Social Music Club. The site is updated daily with new music, reviews and recommendations on the top things you should be listening to from all around the world.

If your wondering what this site is all about, so are we! We’re currently just trying to help the music community in any way we can (see bolded statement below). We know its hard for artists to get reviewed so thats where we will start, please contact us with suggestions on what you’d like to see on our contact page.

We work with a wide variety of artists from Garage Rock and Blues to R&B and Electronic. We fully fund projects as a collective and help nurture artists we believe could one day be “household names.” Check out our artists page to see who were working with currently.

Our mission as a community is to promote each other which is why we have chosen the name The Eclectic Social Music Club. We pool our equipment, resources and money to help one another record and release singles. As a team of independent artists we can push the music and the message forward not the music video, the bullshit and the gossip. Video killed the radio star was a song for a reason.

This site is dedicated to the development of the music the craft and the artwork.

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