The Boogieman ?

Ryan Rebo – Boogieman

Ryan Rebo is not the Boogieman, he is however a taleneted artist, multi-instrumentalist and seasoned traveler from Portland, OR. On first listen to Boogieman his music reminds us of Tame Impala, Temples and Father John Misty. But if you dig a little deeper and look through his body of work you’ll find he throws in folk, pop, orchestra strings and classic rock into his music. He is currently working on his newest album ‘7 songs in the key of Z’ which will be released in the summer of 2019.

‘7 songs in the key of Z’

‘Boogieman’ is the first single from the album ‘7 songs in the key of Z’. It is drenched in a glorious reverb which aids the wonderful effect of layered keyboards. We then dive headfirst into verse one of the song asking the question “Where have you been?” Perhaps the worries of a frightened child or maybe the worries of a father who’s had a bad dream? Our answer comes in the form of a hypnotic drum groove with the aid of a fuzzy guitar completing the soundscape whilst the song gently rolls along.

Ryan’s music is so much deeper than just our simple interpretation. But like true art it can be interpreted in many ways. Ryan touches the heart and soul on so many issues in his music. This could be the song that helps you through a troubled time inside the mind or helps you fall asleep or drives you safely home.

Our personal favourite of Rebo’s is Greatest Thing I’ve Never Seen, from his album Western Dreams of Things Unseen.

Click the links to head to Spotify and check Ryan Rebo out.

-The Eclectic Social Music Club

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