Speaking Suns: RANGE

Feel the need to escape the noise, the smog, the crowded streets of the city? Feel the need to get out of range? Us too. We highly recommend you let the Ohio-based indie quintet Speaking Sun take you there with their experimental, psychedelic soul-pop album RANGE, released September 30, 2017. “Out of Range” from RANGE The most-listened-to track from the... Continue Reading →

Dustyn Knapp – Dying To Live

Dustyn Knapp Few words come to mind when trying to explain the sounds that you’ll here from Dustyn Knapp and his new album Dying To Live. Its like nothing you’ve ever heard before: a unique sound distinct only to Dustyn that he can truly call his own. Knapp is a producer, writer, multi-instrumentalist, poet, singer, rapper,... Continue Reading →

Southern Gothics: Who Knows?

Southern Gothics A project hailing near Austin, Texas comprised of Shane Hemmingway on guitar/vocals, Dexter Brown on organ, and James Plight on drums.  We look forward to learning more about the band and their different approach to the power trio.  They are currently working on their new album set for summer release July 2019.  Their... Continue Reading →

The Dandy Newcombes – Sour Jane

Sour Jane We’ve been told by Santiago, Chile neo-psychadelic darlings The Dandy Newcombes that Sour Jane (on Spotify) is the first single of many more to come. The Dandy Newcombes are influenced by the artwork of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Dandy Warhols and The Velvet Underground. The first single is reminiscent of Sunday Morning by The Velvet Underground,... Continue Reading →

The Dandy Newcombes

The Brian Jonestown Massacre vs. The Dandy Warhols What if The Dandy Warhols broke up and the Brian Jonestown Massacre decided to call it quits. Well this is what could have happened!!! We are excited to have helped The Dandy Newcombes release their debut single “Sour Jane” which will be available everywhere this Friday, August... Continue Reading →

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