Matt C. White Brooklyn, NY Musician

Brooklyn, NY has a vibrant music scene which is interwoven into the hearts of its community.  The organic grassroots nature and cross pollenation of its musicians and artists are vital to keeping it growing.  We were lucky enough to sit down with Matt C. White from Dead Seconds last week and chat about his upcoming... Continue Reading →

Rooftop Rebellion – One By One

Rooftop Rebellion Brooklyn, NY From humble beginnings, an acoustic duo has now fashioned themselves into a hard rock juggernaut. This rock quartet is a collection of talented musicians from different projects in the Brooklyn, NY scene. Rooftop Rebellion really know how to get to the point and don’t waste time messing around. They are so confident in... Continue Reading →

Quiet Wolf – Spotify single

Quiet Wolf is the type of band that you would want to hear late at night on a dance floor or expect to hear in a video game like Grand Theft Auto. We’ve been working with the guys for little over a month now and we’ve got to say they really try to encompass everything. They... Continue Reading →

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